Raw for every lifestyle

True Instinct’s extensive range of frozen, dry, wet or treat products has been formulated to suit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. So, whether you’re time rich or poor, you can feed the natural goodness of raw conveniently and easily; wherever and whenever mealtimes take place

Introduce Raw into their daily nutrition

A complete and balanced raw diet packed full of pure, natural goodness provides the ultimate nutrition for cats and dogs.

Discover benefits including healthier skin, balanced energy levels, fresher breath and improved digestion. Keep them healthy and fulfilled with the power of raw.

Raw Bites (Frozen)

Raw Boost (Dry)

Freeze Dried Treats

True Instinct High Meat Chicken Fillet with Scandinavian Salmon for Adult Cats 70g Pouch

High Meat Wet Fillets

RAW BITES (Frozen Raw Cat Food)

Portion controlled, so they’re simple to serve, these Raw Bites can be kept in the freezer then defrosted in the fridge for 7/12 hours (overnight), or 2/3 hours left out in a covered bowl. Once thawed, they provide a meal solution that can be easily served in seconds but must be consumed within 24 hours of being defrosted.

80% premium quality raw meat and 20% vegetables, superfoods and botanicals, True Instinct Raw Bites are made using nutrient-rich ingredients like butternut squash – high in fibre, vitamin C, A and E; sweet potato, a natural vitamin B packed slow release carbohydrate; and cranberries, possessing antibacterial properties that support urinary tract health.


Raw Boost premium dry nutrition makes raw feeding easy. There’s no need to freeze or thaw, simply open and pour into a bowl. It can be kept in the kitchen cupboard or taken with you in the car or caravan. It’s the perfect portable, complete and balanced solution for those with minimal time to prepare meals.

Made with a healthy balance of 80% premium quality raw meat and 20% vegetables, superfoods and botanicals, Raw Boost contains highly nutritious ingredients like chicory root – a natural source of inulin and vitamin C; broccoli, an excellent source of vitamins C and K; and rosemary, which helps maintain heart and digestive health.


Freeze-dried for convenience, these treats can be served anywhere, anytime, giving you the flexibility to feed your dog or cat easily, whether you’re out and about together or just at home. There’s no preparation required, so they couldn’t be simpler to serve.

These raw, natural vitality-boosting treats are 80% premium quality raw meat and 20% vegetables, superfoods and botanicals. They contain highly nutritious ingredients like hawthorn leaf, which aides the heart and cardiovascular system; yucca – great for digestion and a source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and B vitamins; and green tea, rich in antioxidants.

Cats and Kittens


Convenient and portable these high meat chicken fillets can be fed anywhere, easily. They are portion controlled, so there’s no preparation required, and they’re simple to serve – you just open and pour into a bowl. Store in a cool cupboard. Refrigerate once opened for a maximum of 2 days.

Complete and balanced premium nutrition, these wet fillets all contain chicken as well as kelp – rich in vitamins and a great natural supplement; peas – a good source of healthy carbohydrate that also provides healthy dietary fibre aiding digestion; and chicory root, a natural source of inulin and vitamin C.

Adult Cats