Paleo Ridge Classic Lamb Breast and Heart 1kg

Paleo Ridge Classic Range 

Lamb Breast and Heart

  • 80:10:10 Formulation – 80% Meat: 10% Bone: 10% Offal
  • Chunky Mince
  • Compostable Packaging
  • This is a Frozen Product

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This product is a complete feed containing 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal.

Our 80:10:10 formula follows the prey model of raw feeding with each meal containing:

80% Human Grade, outdoor reared meat

10% Offal

10% Bone

Offering optimum canine nutrition to keep your dog performing at their best.

For optimum health we recommend feeding a variety.

Minced through a 10mm plate to make a lovely chunky mince.

This product comes packed in compostable packaging.

Feeding Instructions

Feed at 2-3% of Ideal Adult Weight


Suitable for Adults, Puppies and Seniors


Our Lamb is primarily grass fed and all outdoor reared, ensuring ethics and animal welfare are top priority.

70% lamb heart

20% Lamb Rib Bones

5% Lamb Liver

5% Lamb Kidney


Protein: 17.4%

Fat: 12.2%

Moisture 66.5%

Fibre 1.7%

Ash 2.2%

Nutritional Analysis Per 100g as fed.

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