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The Natures Menu Story

Founded back in 1981 as Anglian Meat Products,  Natures Menu began producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) for pets as a small family run business in Norfolk. Initially selling a limited range of simple minced meats to breeders, they were encouraged by customers to produce an even wider selection of meats including British Beef, Welsh Lamb, Fish from Lowestoft and lots of other Great British meats sourced from local specialists.

Today Natures Menu are proud to be Europe’s leading experts on raw and raw inspired dog and cat foods, with ranges including True Instinct, Country Hunter and  Original Complete and Balanced raw meals, not to mention a traditional range of raw bones, chews, minces and chunks for those wishing to prepare their dog’s raw meals at home.

The Natures Menu Family

True Instinct Banner

The ultimate in pure, natural nutrition for cats and dogs

Fuel their adventures with countryside inspired recipes

Original every day goodness from Natures Menu

Quality raw ingredients and mixers for DIY raw diets

Raw for every lifestyle

True Instinct’s extensive range of frozen, dry, wet or treat products has been formulated to suit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. So, whether you’re time rich or poor, you can feed the natural goodness of raw conveniently and easily; wherever and whenever mealtimes take place

Introduce Raw into their daily nutrition

A complete and balanced raw diet packed full of pure, natural goodness provides the ultimate nutrition for cats and dogs.

Discover benefits including healthier skin, balanced energy levels, fresher breath and improved digestion. Keep them healthy and fulfilled with the power of raw.

Raw Boost (Dry)

Raw Bites (Frozen)

Freeze Dried Treats

High Meat Wet Fillets


Raw Boost premium dry nutrition makes raw feeding easy. There’s no need to freeze or thaw, simply open and pour into a bowl. It can be kept in the kitchen cupboard or taken with you in the car or caravan. It’s the perfect portable, complete and balanced solution for those with minimal time to prepare meals.

Made with a healthy balance of 80% premium quality raw meat and 20% vegetables, superfoods and botanicals, Raw Boost contains highly nutritious ingredients like chicory root – a natural source of inulin and vitamin C; broccoli, an excellent source of vitamins C and K; and rosemary, which helps maintain heart and digestive health.


Portion controlled, so they’re simple to serve, these Raw Bites can be kept in the freezer then defrosted in the fridge for 7/12 hours (overnight), or 2/3 hours left out in a covered bowl. Once thawed, they provide a meal solution that can be easily served in seconds but must be consumed within 24 hours of being defrosted.

80% premium quality raw meat and 20% vegetables, superfoods and botanicals, True Instinct Raw Bites are made using nutrient-rich ingredients like butternut squash – high in fibre, vitamin C, A and E; sweet potato, a natural vitamin B packed slow release carbohydrate; and cranberries, possessing antibacterial properties that support urinary tract health

These are frozen products.


Freeze-dried for convenience, these treats can be served anywhere, anytime, giving you the flexibility to feed your dog or cat easily, whether you’re out and about together or just at home. There’s no preparation required, so they couldn’t be simpler to serve.

These raw, natural vitality-boosting treats are 80% premium quality raw meat and 20% vegetables, superfoods and botanicals. They contain highly nutritious ingredients like hawthorn leaf, which aides the heart and cardiovascular system; yucca – great for digestion and a source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and B vitamins; and green tea, rich in antioxidants.

Dogs and Puppies

Cats and Kittens


Convenient and portable these high meat chicken fillets can be fed anywhere, easily. They are portion controlled, so there’s no preparation required, and they’re simple to serve – you just open and pour into a bowl. Store in a cool cupboard. Refrigerate once opened for a maximum of 2 days.

Complete and balanced premium nutrition, these wet fillets all contain chicken as well as kelp – rich in vitamins and a great natural supplement; peas – a good source of healthy carbohydrate that also provides healthy dietary fibre aiding digestion; and chicory root, a natural source of inulin and vitamin C.

Small Breed Dogs

Adult Dogs

Adult Cats

Fuel their adventures…

Country Hunter meals and treats for cats and dogs celebrate real, wholesome ingredients and nutritious superfoods, to fuel your pet’s adventures every day.

Inspired by the British Countryside

From 80% meat complete Raw Superfood Nuggets to our award winning Superfood Crunch, Country Hunter offers complete nutrition with the unbeatable taste of human grade meat and fish, fruits and vegetables.

Natures Menu Country Hunter Nuggets Duck 1kg Bag Front of Pack

Raw Superfood Nuggets

Country Hunter Beef with Superfoods 600g Can

Superfood Cans

Country Hunter Cat Superfood Selection 12 x 85g Box

Superfood Pouches

Country Hunter Superfood Crunch Adult Dog Turkey with Cranberry 1.2kg Front

Superfood Crunch

Country Hunter Superfood Bars Salmon and White Fish 100g Bag

Superfood Bars

Country Hunter Dog Raw Superfood Nuggets

Grain and gluten free raw complete food for dogs, ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies. Rich in antioxidants and made with ground bone for calcium, phosphate and magnesium. Food heaven, even for fussy mutts.

These are frozen products

Country Hunter Dog Superfood Cans

Dogs go wild for these moreish meaty cans of gently cooked quality meat with nutritious, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Available in eight succulent varieties, each containing minced bone for firmer stools and a natural source of calcium. These meaty meals can be fed every day to provide a complete and balanced diet for your dog.

Country Hunter Superfood Crunch Dog Biscuits

A deliciously crunchy wholesome blendof real cuts of meat and a natural blend of fruits, vegetables and superfoods. Superfood Crunch is an easy to serve, complete ‘raw inspired’ meal and great as a treat or topper alongside a wet food or raw diet. Country Hunter Superfood Crunch comes in a variety of countryside inspired recipes featuring tasty proteins such as Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Duck.

Country Hunter Dog Superfood Mighty Mixer Biscuits

A wholesome and natural, complementary baked mixer biscuit. Made from rolled oats mixed with fruits vegetables and superfoods. An ideal component for home prepared raw meals.

Natures Menu Original Banner

Natures Menu Original Logo Brown

Original everyday goodness from Natures Menu

Natures Menu believe pets deserve real food! Natures Menu Original is a range of complete and balanced meals and tasty treats for cats and dogs, made with good, honest ingredients and absolutely no added nasties.

Natures Menu Original complete meals and treats are different from your average pet food as they contain no fillers,
meat meals or meat derivatives.

Discover Natures Menu Original Complete Raw Nuggets and single serve Complete raw Meals – perfect for
those looking to switch their pet to a no fuss, no mess, complete raw diet.

If raw feeding isn’t your thing, try Natures Menu Original Complete and Balanced cans for dogs and and pouches for both dogs and cats. Quality ingredients, gently cooked in the pack to lock in goodness.

For training and rewards, try Natures Menu Original Real Meaty Treats – available in three different flavour recipes for
both cats and dogs.

Natures Menu Chicken Nuggets Front of Pack

Natures Menu Original Complete Raw Nuggets

Natures Menu Original Raw Meals Beef 300g Front of Pack

Natures Menu Original Single Serve Complete Raw Meals

Natures Menu Dog Food Multipack 12 x 400g Cans

Natures Menu Original Complete and Balanced Cans for Dogs

Natures Menu Dog Food Pouch Multipack 8 x 300g Pouches

Natures Menu Original Complete and Balanced Pouches for Dogs

Natures Menu Cat Food Multipack 12 x 100g Pouches

Natures Menu Original Complete and Balanced Pouches for Cats

Natures Menu Real Meaty Dog Treats with Lamb and Chicken 60g Front of Pack

Natures Menu Original Real Meaty Treats for Dogs and Cats

Natures Menu Home Prepare Banner

Quality Raw Ingredients, carefully sourced from DEFRA approved farms.

The homemade raw or BARF (or Bone and Raw Food) diet offers a highly digestible, natural way of feeding your dog or cat.

Choose from our range of raw meats, bones and offal to create your own raw meals and treats at home, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each ingredient has been safely produced specifically to be fed raw.

Natures Menu recommends a combination of 60% meat, 20% blended fruit and vegetables and 20% non-starchy grains such as brown rice or oats to make up a raw meal.

Our extensive range of DEFRA approved raw meats, bones and chews are prepared for the purpose of raw feeding and designed to make feeding your dog the raw diet at home easy. Choose from a selection of raw bones, meats, minces and natural raw chews. We also supply a range of mixers which can be fed alongside raw meat.

Natures Menu Raw Mince Chicken 400g Block Front of pack

Raw Mince Portions

Natures Menu Freeflow Beef 2kg Front of pack

Freeflow Raw Mince

Natures Menu Raw Duck Necks Bag

Raw Bones, Chews & Chunks

Natures Menu Veggie Boost Nuggets 1kg Bag


Natures Menu Freeflow Raw Mince

A safe and convenient source of raw meat for creating home prepared raw or ‘BARF’ meals. Natures Menu freeflow minces of human grade meat with ground bone (except beef and tripe which are bone free) can be thawed and added to Natures Menu Seriously Mighty Mixers, Blended Fruit and Vegetable Nuggets, or your own mix of fruit, vegetables and non-starchy grain to make up a complete meal.

These are frozen products.

Natures Menu Raw Bones, Chews and Chunks

Natures Menu range of raw bones, chewing meats and offal are the perfect addition to a raw or natural diet, adding texture and variety as well as a host of nutritional benefits to our complete and balanced meals. Natures Menu raw bones, chews and offal range are produced to be safe, easy to serve and totally scrumptious for our four legged friends.

These are frozen products.