Quality Raw Ingredients, carefully sourced from DEFRA approved farms.

The homemade raw or BARF (or Bone and Raw Food) diet offers a highly digestible, natural way of feeding your dog or cat.

Choose from our range of raw meats, bones and offal to create your own raw meals and treats at home, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each ingredient has been safely produced specifically to be fed raw.

Natures Menu recommends a combination of 60% meat, 20% blended fruit and vegetables and 20% non-starchy grains such as brown rice or oats to make up a raw meal.

Our extensive range of DEFRA approved raw meats, bones and chews are prepared for the purpose of raw feeding and designed to make feeding your dog the raw diet at home easy. Choose from a selection of raw bones, meats, minces and natural raw chews. We also supply a range of mixers which can be fed alongside raw meat.

Natures Menu Raw Mince Chicken 400g Block Front of pack

Raw Mince Portions

Natures Menu Freeflow Beef 2kg Front of pack

Freeflow Raw Mince

Natures Menu Raw Duck Necks Bag

Raw Bones, Chews & Chunks

Natures Menu Veggie Boost Nuggets 1kg Bag


Natures Menu Freeflow Raw Mince

A safe and convenient source of raw meat for creating home prepared raw or ‘BARF’ meals. Natures Menu freeflow minces of human grade meat with ground bone (except beef and tripe which are bone free) can be thawed and added to Natures Menu Seriously Mighty Mixers, Blended Fruit and Vegetable Nuggets, or your own mix of fruit, vegetables and non-starchy grain to make up a complete meal.

Natures Menu Raw Bones, Chews and Chunks

Natures Menu range of raw bones, chewing meats and offal are the perfect addition to a raw or natural diet, adding texture and variety as well as a host of nutritional benefits to our complete and balanced meals. Natures Menu raw bones, chews and offal range are produced to be safe, easy to serve and totally scrumptious for our four legged friends.