For an outdoor cat, the world is their oyster and the opportunities for adventure are endless!

For an indoor cat, their territory is limited to within four walls, and in the case of more than one cat residing within the same house, a secret hiding place in one room is the only sanctuary they have. Indoor cats need their space in which to hide, play and sleep. So create lots of safe places for your cat to explore. As we all know, cats love to sit high up and tall sturdy scratching posts are an ideal way of keeping your cat entertained.

Indoor cats tend not to get as much exercise as outdoor cats. Spend some time each evening to play with your cat as a reward rather than using food as payment for their good behaviour during the day.

More people are choosing to keep their cats indoors. There are many reasons in which to do so. Some owners may find the area they live in too dangerous in regards to traffic to allow their cats to venture out on their own four paws. Indoor cats tend to live longer than outdoor cats.