Guinea pigs teeth are constantly growing so it is essential to provide them with plenty of hay and wooden toys so they can wear their teeth down. We suggest that you check their teeth at least once a week.

A lack of vitamin C can make your guinea pig very ill so it is vitally important that they are given the correct diet that is high in vitamin C.

Regular grooming of your guinea pigs can also help to draw attention to health problems early. We recommend you groom long haired breeds daily and short haired breeds weekly in order to keep their coats looking at their best. Your guinea pigs nails will also need checking regularly and they will occasionally need clipping. Come and see us in store and we can show you how to do this.

All pets can carry diseases; some of these can be passed on to humans. Be sure to always wash your hands after handling and feeding your pets and also when you are cleaning their homes and equipment.

Check your guinea pigs daily, include it in your daily routine when you feed them or handle them.