Rabbits are meticulously clean animals, and spend a great deal of time grooming themselves. This means they do not usually need baths, but regular brushing helps keeps their coats in good condition and prevents matting and hairballs.

If you have a short haired rabbit, it is suggested you brush them at least once a week. When they are moulting, it is recommended that this is done more frequently. Rabbit skin is very fragile, so be gentle and use a soft brush that is designed specifically for rabbits. A fine tooth comb is also useful for clearing up loose hair.

If you own a long haired rabbit then daily grooming is what we would suggest. Using a soft brush on a long haired rabbit is still advisable, but it will not eliminate mats and tangles that are underneath. So for this we suggest that you use a fine tooth comb.

If your rabbit does develop mats in its coat, never try to trim them out with scissors as it is very easy to accidentally cut into the skin doing this. Gradually work out the mat by gently separating and combing hair out of the mat a tiny bit at a time, being careful not to pull on the skin. It may take several grooming sessions to work out a mat. Alternatively, you can take your rabbit to a groomer to have the mats trimmed out with electric clippers.

Regular nail trimming should also become part of the ritual of grooming. This needs to be done safely. So please come and see us in store so we can teach you how to clip your rabbit’s nails safely.