Foobler is the world’s first electronic timed treat puzzle feeder! The new and exciting FOOBLER can be used as a stimulating treat puzzle or interactive feeder to improve a dog’s activity and health. Foobler can be set to dispense one of its six treat compartments at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. At the designated interval a bell chime alerts the dog a treat pod is available and it’s time to play!

Its six compartments can be filled with treats or dry food and provide enough capacity for meal feeding so Foobler is great as a slow feeder to provide a dog its daily meals. Foobler is an innovative and fun way to help your pet stay mentally fit and physically healthy by spreading treats/meals across the day.

How to use Foobler!
1) Fill FOOBLER’S six compartments with treats or dry food.
2) Set the electronic timer to dispense one of the six pods at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals.
3) Switch on! When FOOBLER activates at the designated time setting, the next treat compartment loads and a bell chime alerts the dog it’s time to play!

Why is Foobler so great for your dog?

  • 6 treat or food compartments provide extended fun & stimulation for dog
  • Interactive ball design combined with electronic timer create unique puzzle
  • Dogs quickly learn the bell means it’s time to play
  • Designed for use in the home and garden
  • Simple to use with a quality and robust design for active dogs!

Vets’ are reporting that 45 per cent of the dogs they treat in the UK are obese or overweight (PFMA report, “Pet Obesity: Five Years On” 2014). Active and healthy feeding can help maintain a dog’s correct weight and with Foobler a dog has to work continually for food to be dispensed so it’s great as an interactive feeder. The PDSA (Paws Report 2014) also recommend that regular exercise involving play, walking and running (with dogs) is also essential for a pet’s health, reinforcing that food and fitness are the two essential factors in achieving a healthy shape for your pet.

The Company of Animals also advise that any treats given to your dog are taken from your dog’s overall daily food allowance.