What is the source of PurrForm meat?

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PurrForm chicken meat is human grade, comes from the UK and is free range. PurrForm rabbit meat is human grade and comes from Europe but we are very selective in choosing countries that rear the rabbits in a humane way. Although we are producing a product diet that is a species appropriate diet that our cats [...]

Why does PurrForm use farmed rabbit as opposed to wild rabbit?

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When setting up the Company, we looked carefully into all aspects of the business. We considered all options available regarding the supply of our rabbit meat and the pros and cons of wild rabbit versus farmed rabbit. Although there are some advantages of using wild rabbit, we concluded that overall, farmed rabbit has additional advantages. These [...]

Can I make my own cat food?

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Cat owners are often keen to try making their own raw food diet. We would advise this needs to be carried out with care. If the food is made with meat, bone and offal, it needs to be done using the correct ratios. The food may not be a ‘complete’ diet so may lack some of [...]

Can my cat be at risk from salmonella?

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Due to the fact that cats have evolved to eat raw meat and have short digestive tracts, they are at little risk of contracting salmonella. There is a much lower risk of cats contracting salmonella from affected meat than there is from humans contracting it. PurrForm uses fresh, human grade meat which is stored and manufactured [...]

How do I help keep my pet healthy?

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Providing your cats with a diet that is modeled on what they would eat in the wild can have additional benefits, for you and your cat. Improved digestion, Greatly reduced stool odour and volume, Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs, Increased energy, Weight loss if overweight, Better urinary health.

I am told to always give my pet fresh water with his meal but my pet never drinks water?

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Yes, it is extremely important that your pet has access to a plentiful supply of water to prevent urinary tract problems in the future.However some pets and particularly cats will not drink fresh water out of the tap. This is because fresh tap water can often contain high levels of chlorine, which some pets are particularly [...]

My pet scratches all the time and his coats smells, why?

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Scratching and biting at the skin – when fleas, ticks and mites are not present – can be the result of food allergies. Over time, cats and dogs can develop allergies to a number of ingredients, such as beef, dairy products wheat and other cereal products. The offending dietary ingredient need not be a new one [...]

Why should I change from my pet’s current food?

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Your cats are part of your family, and of course you want what is best for them. There is growing evidence that not feeding a raw food diet may cause some of the diseases that cats suffer from.Diet plays a huge role in the health of your animals, so choosing a diet that reflects what a [...]

Is having fat in pet food bad for the animal?

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The wrong level of fat is bad for you but the correct level of fats in a pet’s diet is essential for the following reasons: The fats act as a concentrated source of calories, giving your cat sustained energy. They supply essential fatty acids, such as Linolenic acid and linoleic acid, to maintain a healthy coat [...]

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