When setting up the Company, we looked carefully into all aspects of the business. We considered all options available regarding the supply of our rabbit meat and the pros and cons of wild rabbit versus farmed rabbit.
Although there are some advantages of using wild rabbit, we concluded that overall, farmed rabbit has additional advantages. These include the following:
– Farmed Rabbit is available all year long, whereas wild rabbit is quite often seasonal and therefore difficult to get hold of.
– Wild rabbits are often affected by environmental issues such as the weather, so can become scarce.
– Wild Rabbits are often affected by disease and this may not only affect supply but can also be difficult to detect. Farmed Rabbits are monitored and tested for disease.
– Wild Rabbits may contain pellets which have been used to shoot them. These can cause harm to a cat if swallowed. The pellets used to be lead which was highly toxic.