Dry Dog Bags

The Dry Dog Bag is designed to dry and clean your dog after wet or muddy walks and is ideal for town, country and seaside use. Made of best quality absorbent towelling the Dry Dog Bag has a special heavy duty nylon zip which prevents dog hairs being caught.

After a walk place your dog in the open bag and once the zip is closed to the neck the drying process begins. Heat from the dog’s body speeds up the process and any movement helps to clean off mud and dirt.

Size Two Toy & Miniature Terrier Neck Size 10” £13.99
Size Three Poodle Neck Size 14” £14.99
Size Four Cocker Spaniel Neck Size 18” £15.99
Size Five Labrador/Boxer Neck Size 22” £19.99
Size Six German Shepherd Neck Size 24” £23.99