Chewing is a natural behaviour that all dogs need to express. Every dog is different and a treat that is good for one dog to chew, may not be good for another.

Besides being a good source of entertainment for your dog, chewing can also aid with the development and maintenance of their teeth and gums. Safe chews can also help prevent plaque and halitosis.

Dogs get stressed too! And chewing on their favourite toy or yummy treat can help to alleviate their stress; they can also relieve boredom and loneliness. Providing your dog with good quality chews can also save your shoes and furniture!

Keep a close eye on your dog when you first give them a new treat or toy to chew on. If they can tear it into pieces or you think your dog is eating it too fast then take it away from them. This is one indication that the new chew might not be suitable for your dog. If your dog takes their time with their new toy or treats then this is a good indication that the new chew treat or toy is the right match for your dog.

The sign of a good chew is all down to size. If a dog can get their teeth around the chew, carry it and also hold it between it paws then. For example, a large dog will need a large chew that they can enjoy without them swallowing it whole. As a general rule, the bigger the chew the better!

We suggest matching the rigidity of the chew with the power of your dogs jaw and the force in which they prefer to chew. If your dog chooses to chew aggressively, then go with a chew which can easily be digested or for a tough chew that will not disintegrate or crack.