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Dogs, unlike cats are not strict carnivores. Existing research points out that dogs can enjoy a wide selection of foods of both the meat and vegetable variety and still be extremely healthy. But dogs still have a very high need for protein within their diets.

We suggest that you read pet food labels carefully, and try to choose foods with high quality proteins, such as fresh meat and fresh fish or meat meals and fish meals as their number one ingredient.

Try to choose foods with nutritious carbohydrates from whole grains or vegetables. Most dog foods contain some carbohydrate source. Barley, rice oats and potatoes are excellent carbohydrate sources. Corn (maize) wheat and soy have been identified as ingredients which may provoke allergic reactions in dogs. However, if your dog is not allergic to these then they are unlikely to cause any problems.

There is no such thing as a perfect dog food. What works for one dog, may not work for another. Trial and error is often the best method. That’s why we sell so many brands of food at Superpet Warehouse.