So what is PurrForm?

PurrForm is a species appropriate complete RAW cat food.

Cats are obligate carnivores and the main source of their food in the wild would be Mice, Birds, Insects etc.

Cats fed on a raw diet high in protein such as PurrForm will also eat less due to the calories and nutrients that this food contains.

Cats fed a raw diet will digest 85% of the food and utilise all of the nutrients hence why faeces will be smaller, dryer and odourless.

On the other hand cats fed dry food or commercial wet food will need to eat more to satisfy their appetite and to get the right amount of calories on a daily basis.

When fed commercial food cats will digest only 60% of the food and 40% will be expelled through the faeces, As a rule their faeces will be bigger, softer and smellier.

PurrForm believe that all our cat companions deserve a varied mixed diet of fresh ingredients that create healthy, happy pets and satisfied cat owners.
‘Our mission is to spread the word about natural complete raw feeding to all cat owners across the UK. We feel it is vital that you are provided with the key information you need to establish what to feed your pets’.
We believe that the benefits of a natural complete Raw cat food meat and bone diet far outweighs those associated with cooked and dry food. It is now widely accepted by many animal and veterinary professionals around the world that a raw food diet can have many health benefits over processed food. Your cat is able to digest and utilise the ingredients in raw food as this replicates what it would eat in the wild.



450g Tubs

450g Tubs

Kitten Weaning

Kitten Weaning

Purrform is available in both convenient pouches:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I change from my pet’s current food?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Your cats are part of your family, and of course you want what is best for them. There is growing evidence that not feeding a raw food diet may cause some of the diseases that cats suffer from.Diet plays a huge role in the health of your animals, so choosing a diet that reflects what a cat would eat in the wild makes a lot of sense. Feeding a balanced raw diet is feeding a healthy diet. Cats systems are perfected to handle just this kind of food.

What is the source of PurrForm meat?2019-03-22T15:59:42+00:00

PurrForm chicken meat is human grade, comes from the UK and is free range.
PurrForm rabbit meat is human grade and comes from Europe but we are very selective in choosing countries that rear the rabbits in a humane way.
Although we are producing a product diet that is a species appropriate diet that our cats will enjoy, we are also concerned about the welfare of the animals we use in our meat products and it is important to us that they have been treated in a fair way whilst being reared.

Why does PurrForm use farmed rabbit as opposed to wild rabbit?2019-03-22T15:59:42+00:00

When setting up the Company, we looked carefully into all aspects of the business. We considered all options available regarding the supply of our rabbit meat and the pros and cons of wild rabbit versus farmed rabbit.
Although there are some advantages of using wild rabbit, we concluded that overall, farmed rabbit has additional advantages. These include the following:
– Farmed Rabbit is available all year long, whereas wild rabbit is quite often seasonal and therefore difficult to get hold of.
– Wild rabbits are often affected by environmental issues such as the weather, so can become scarce.
– Wild Rabbits are often affected by disease and this may not only affect supply but can also be difficult to detect. Farmed Rabbits are monitored and tested for disease.
– Wild Rabbits may contain pellets which have been used to shoot them. These can cause harm to a cat if swallowed. The pellets used to be lead which was highly toxic.

Can I make my own cat food?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Cat owners are often keen to try making their own raw food diet. We would advise this needs to be carried out with care. If the food is made with meat, bone and offal, it needs to be done using the correct ratios.
The food may not be a ‘complete’ diet so may lack some of the essential vitamins, minerals and taurine necessary to keep your cat healthy.
PurrForm Raw Diet is produced using strict guidelines and has been carefully analysed and tested to ensure it contains all the requirements of a complete cat food diet.

Can my cat be at risk from salmonella?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Due to the fact that cats have evolved to eat raw meat and have short digestive tracts, they are at little risk of contracting salmonella. There is a much lower risk of cats contracting salmonella from affected meat than there is from humans contracting it.
PurrForm uses fresh, human grade meat which is stored and manufactured under stringent health conditions. The batches of food are regularly tested by a DEFRA accredited laboratory. The premises are regularly checked by the Vetinerary Association.
As when handling any raw meat product for human or animal consumption, care should be taken to handle with care and wash hands afterwards. Any surfaces or utensils that have come into contact with the product should be properly washed.
There have been many more cases of Dry Cat Food being recalled due to it containing Salmonella, than there is from Raw Food.

How do I help keep my pet healthy?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Providing your cats with a diet that is modeled on what they would eat in the wild can have additional benefits, for you and your cat. Improved digestion, Greatly reduced stool odour and volume, Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs, Increased energy, Weight loss if overweight, Better urinary health.

What are the benefits of Taurine?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Taurine is required in a cats diet for the following:-

Cardiac function
To support development of the central nervous system.

I am told to always give my pet fresh water with his meal but my pet never drinks water?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Yes, it is extremely important that your pet has access to a plentiful supply of water to prevent urinary tract problems in the future.However some pets and particularly cats will not drink fresh water out of the tap. This is because fresh tap water can often contain high levels of chlorine, which some pets are particularly sensitive to. In such a case leave the water for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate before you give the water to your pet. The best way to encourage your pet to drink water is to get a small water fountain. This can be filled with tap water or mineral water, depending on which your cat seems to prefer the most! Never leave the water next to the food bowl, cats do not like this. They are programmed to eat in one area and drink in another, as they would in the wild.

My pet scratches all the time and his coats smells, why?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

Scratching and biting at the skin – when fleas, ticks and mites are not present – can be the result of food allergies. Over time, cats and dogs can develop allergies to a number of ingredients, such as beef, dairy products wheat and other cereal products. The offending dietary ingredient need not be a new one in the diet. Allergies can develop to foods that have been fed for years but the allergy may develop with a sudden onset. As PurrForm is 100% natural raw meat diet it is less likely that your cat would develop allergies.

Is PurrForm more expensive than other leading brands?2019-03-22T15:59:43+00:00

The cost of feeding PurrForm can work out less than feeding many leading brands. Because of the quality of the ingredients there is no waste or fillers and more of the food is utilized, so your pet may need a smaller amount than it would compared with other brands.

Can I still feed my cat dry food?2019-03-22T15:59:45+00:00

At PurrForm, we do not advocate feeding dry food. Even grain free dry foods tend to contain ingredients which are not particularly suited to a cat’s digestive tract and a cat can become addicted to the dry food.
As PurrForm is a complete food, there is no requirement to feed any other wet or dry food, as the cat will obtain all the vitamins and minerals it requires on a daily basis from the raw diet.
Of course, if you wish to feed a small amount of dry food, either as a slight change to the diet, or as a treat, this is an individual cat owner’s choice.

Is having fat in pet food bad for the animal?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

The wrong level of fat is bad for you but the correct level of fats in a pet’s diet is essential for the following reasons: The fats act as a concentrated source of calories, giving your cat sustained energy. They supply essential fatty acids, such as Linolenic acid and linoleic acid, to maintain a healthy coat and skin. PurrForm raw meat and bone diet provides much of the fat requirement.

What digestive ailments or skin complaints can be alleviated by using Purrform?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

Their digestive systems are adapted specifically for a raw meat based diet. A cat’s digestive tract is short and acidic, and processes a species-appropriate raw diet. They efficiently digest raw food in about 12 hours. This gives very little time for bacteria to proliferate, so cats are naturally resistant to food poisoning.

Is it safe to feed bones to my cats?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

In the wild cat would hunt and eat its prey whole including raw bone. Raw bone are highly digestible and are full of natural nutrients and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium which are vital for a cat diet. In the opposite cooked bone can be brittle and prone to splintering.

What is digestibility and why is it so important?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

Cats have no requirement for carbohydrates and have limited ability to digest them. For cats, a raw meat diet is more digestible than a diet of plant based foods. Because they evolved eating a diet with almost no carbohydrates, they have only one enzyme system capable of handling them. This is quite different from humans or even dogs, who have multiple enzyme systems that digest carbohydrates.

Why do I need to feed so little PurrForm complete raw food compared to other pet foods?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

Cooking degrades nutrients in meat, causing losses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Meat used in highly processed pet food is cooked at high temperatures and the nutrients lost must then be added back in. PurrForm raw diet contains many of the nutrients your cat needs from smaller portion sizes.

I am worried about urinary tract problems. My vet has informed me that this can be prevented by the use of an appropriate diet. Is PurrForm raw diet suitable?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

Cats are designed to fulfil most of their water requirements from their diet. By eating fresh raw food, they are benefitting from a diet with a high moisture content.
Cats naturally have a low thirst drive, so do not drink much water on its own. This can lead to health issues, especially when they eat dry food products and treats. One of the problems is that even though they become dehydrated eating the kibble, their natural “programming” may not encourage them to drink more, and their urine can become too concentrated.
PurrForm replicates a cats natural diet as it contains a high meat content and therefore provides them with a higher water content in their diet. This means there will be less chance of any urinary tract infections.
Please remember that regardless of their diet, cats must always be provided with a readily available supply of fresh water.

My cat stool has a very strong odour. Will PurrForm raw diet improve this?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

When cats are fed a proper, species appropriate diet, their bodies digest and utilise most of their food. This means that little waste matter is expelled in the faeces and therefore, there is much less stool volume.
Stool production can be cut in half. The cat will also eliminate less often, sometimes once a day or even less. Their stools are often dry, a little crumbly and hardly smell at all. In the wild, this makes sense for a predator that is also small enough to have to worry about being preyed upon itself. It wouldn’t want to be leaving too many smelly advertisements of its presence!
PurrForm raw diet provides all the ingredients and nutrients your cat requires and therefore most of the food is ingested and utilised. This in turn, means stool volume will be less, with less offensive odours!

My cat is overweight, will PurrForm complete raw diet be good for weight loss?2019-03-22T15:59:44+00:00

If your cats are overweight, they will most likely start to lose weight on a raw diet.
Cats will over eat when fed an improper diet. Usually they won’t over eat when fed a species-appropriate raw diet, as the diet is satisfying to them. They don’t feel hungry all the time.
Raw food is highly digestible which means that about 85% of what the cat eats will be digested and utilised by the body. Therefore, a smaller amount of raw food will make the cat feel satisfied and ‘full’. Your cat will not want to continually eat.
If your cat wakes you up in the middle of the night for food, acting as if they are starving, this may be due to the fact that they are being fed a low digestability food. A change of diet may increase their energy which will help them burn off more calories. You may find you get a better night’s sleep as well!


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