101, 2019

Burns Free From 6kg Half Price!

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6kg Bags Half Price!! To celebrate the launch of the new Grain Free, Free From range from Burns we have another fantastic offer! Burns Free From 6kg bags are now Half Price! Description: Grain free, gluten free and dairy free Also free from wheat, soya, beet pulp and sweet potato Natural, complete diet Single protein source [...]

2712, 2018

New Lily’s Kitchen Dental Treats

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New and now in store! WOOFBRUSH by Lily's Kitchen Woofbrush is a dental chew with a difference... Made from natural ingredients and crafted with help from pet dental experts, the bubbly texture gets right down to the gumline, wiping away plaque to leave teeth clean and breath fresh. [...]

305, 2018

Healthy Feeding for Birds

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When feeding pet birds, it is important to know that the species of birds we have as companion pets do not all have the same dietary needs. Most pet birds are seed eaters. However, it’s important they receive a number of key nutrients for healthy body function. Making sure that your pet bird gets a balanced diet is very important [...]

803, 2018

Lovebird Care

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Lovebirds are curious, energetic and charming birds originating from Africa. Keeping a lovebird socialised is a serious commitment and they require a lot of daily interaction. It is recommended to keep lovebirds in pairs. Varieties include eye ring, fischer’s, black masked and peachface lovebirds. Shopping list for your new lovebird: Appropriately sized cage High quality lovebird seed Millet spray Cuttlebone [...]

803, 2018

Finch Care

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Finches are small gentle birds that come in a variety of dazzling colours. Finches should always be housed with at least one other finch, preferably more. Finch Facts Average adult size: 3-8 inches long from head to tail, depending on the species Average life span: 5-10+ years with proper care depending on the species Diet: Herbivores Shopping list for your [...]