A question that most cat owners will ask at some point. Is my cat drinking enough water?

Research has found that cats who are fed on an exclusively dry diet are more dehydrated than cats who are fed on a wet or mixed diet. Surprisingly, most cats who are fed purely on dry foods tend not to drink enough water to make up for the lack of moisture in their food.

An easy way to keep your cat hydrated is to simply alter their diet to a mixture of wet and dry foods. Cats are carnivorous so try and choose foods that have high quality meat content, especially poultry varieties. The amino acid profiles within poultry meat are more suited to cats dietary requirements.

Always provide your cat with a source of fresh, clean drinking water! Water bowls should be emptied and refilled at least once a day.

Cats only have a few teeth that are suitable for grinding food, so most cats tend to crack their food into smaller pieces rather than chew on it. Recent research has been designed to calculate the connection between diet and dental health. This large scale study suggested that including dry foods into a cats diet my decrease the risks in periodontal diseases and other dental issues. This, combined with studies on the urinary tract health of cats seems to indicate that both wet and dry foods are both vital components to a cat’s healthy diet. We would recommend feeding your cat 60% wet food and 40% dry food.